S1 Ilmu Perpustakaan

Bachelor Program of Library Science

Faculty of Humanities

Vision: Library Science will be known for its strength in research by 2025.


  1. Providing high-quality research-based teaching for a library and information science program,
  2. Enhancing research and publications in the field of library and information science as the main contribution of the program,
  3. Contributing to the communities locally and nationally based on research done by academics and students as the implementation of knowledge and art,
  4. To create a teaching and learning environment that supports academic ethics and good governance, and
  5. To collaborate with colleagues and peers nationally in enhancing research and the development of the Library and Information Science program.

Scholars (12)
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Manajemen Perpustakaan; Layanan Perpustakaan; Temu Balik Informasi; Information Technology;
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Open Access; Information Literacy; Qualitative Research;
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ilmu perpustakaan; ilmu informasi; ilmu sosial.;
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Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi; Information Technology; sistem informasi;
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Filsafat; Kewarganegaraan; Pancasila; Kebudayaan;
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documentation science; knowledge preservation;
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ilmu perpustakaan; informasi; library sciences; information; archive;