S1 Administrasi Bisnis

Bachelor Program of Business Administration

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Vision: In 2030, the undergraduate Business Administration Study Program will become the center for conceptual and practical learning of business administration that can produce graduates with excellent leadership and managerial skills in business science at the international level


  1. To organize a learning program in business administration that fosters curiosity, good process-oriented, and commendable social ethics,
  2. To encourage research activities in the field of business administration and develop not just creative but also solutive ideas through scientific forums,
  3. To encourage the implementation of community service activities as a practical means and the implementation of the field of business administration, especially for the social associations based on business activities in local, regional, and national areas,
  4. To develop intellectual morals and behavior by prioritizing academic ethics, and
  5. To improve the reputation and accreditation of the study program at the national and international levels.

Scholars (11)