S1 Agroekoteknologi

Bachelor Program of Agroecotechnology

Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

Vision: To become one of the centers of excellence and reference for science and agro-ecotechnology in the tropics to support national development and increase sustainable community welfare in 2024.


  1. Organizing and developing educational, research, and community service activities and developing sustainable partnerships and collaborations by prioritizing the sustainable use of local plants/plants and natural resources.
  2. Carrying out good, transparent, accountable, responsible, and fair management/administration of higher education.

Scholars (12)
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Agronomy and Animal-Plant-Soil relationhip;
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Ecophysiogenomic of Plant; Agronomy;
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Plant Breeding; Agronomy; biotechnology;
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Agronomy; Plant Physiology;
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Agriculture Ecology;
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mekanisasi pertanian;