S1 Ilmu Kelautan

Bachelor Program of Marine Science

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

Vision: Becoming an excellent faculty in the field of tropical fisheries and marine science in 2025


  1. Conducting quality education in the field of fisheries and marine,
  2. Carrying out research, scientific publications, and producing Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the field of fisheries and marine,
  3. Carrying out community service in the field of fisheries and marine,
  4. Conducting professional and accountable governance, and
  5. Carrying out student activities to support the achievement of COMPLETE graduate qualifications.

Scholars (25)
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Marine Microbiology Biology; biotechnology; biokimia; Marine Biology;
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Bahan Hayati Laut;
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Biologi Laut; Avertebrata Laut; Vertebrata Laut; Konservasi Laut;
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kimia hasil alam laut;
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Aquaculture; Marine Environment; Economic Valuation; Environment Policy;