S2 Ilmu Kelautan

Master Program of Marine Science

Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

Vision: To become a Master of Marine Science Study Program with a national and international excellent reputation in 2024.


  1. Organizing a master’s degree program in outstanding Marine Science to achieve superior tropical fisheries and marine development in Indonesia,
  2. Conducting research and publishing scientific papers that will have a significant influence on the advancement of marine science and technology,
  3. Organizing community service as a contribution to the larger community’s use of marine science and technology, and
  4. Contribute significantly to the advancement of marine science and technology in the sectors of conservation and biotechnology to generate high-integrity potential experts by implementing professional education, research, and community service initiatives.

Scholars (6)
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Applied Microbiology; Marine Microbiology; Microbial Bioprospecting;
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Marine science; biotechnology;
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Marine Microbiology Biology; biotechnology; biokimia; Marine Biology;
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Ecology; Marine Biology;