S1 Akuntansi

Bachelor Program of Accounting

Faculty of Economic and Business

Vision: To become a center of excellence in accounting in Indonesia by integrating Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi in order to produce reliable graduates and improve the academic climate


  1. Organizing education to prepare prospective accountants,
  2. Conducting research that supports the education and development of accounting science widely,
  3. Carrying out service in a broad sense, including involvement in professional ties, encouraging the creation of good governance in the government and private sector,
  4. Encourage the establishment of an academic climate for the academic community to improve knowledge and skill,
  5. Encourage the establishment of professional ethics accountants who prioritize independence, objectivity, and equality, and
  6. As an accounting education referral center

Scholars (21)
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Accounting Information Systems; Accounting;
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Financial accounting and reporting; Corporate Governance;
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Accounting; Fraud; Internal Control System;