S1 Kimia

Bachelor Program of Chemistry

Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Vision: To become a chemistry education institution based on research that leads to technological independence and entrepreneurship skills by 2025.


  1. Developing graduates who have mastered chemistry knowledge and the ability to apply it, as well as entrepreneurial skills, COMPLETE (Communicator, professional, Leader, Educator, Thinker, dan Entrepreneur),
  2. Conducting research for the advancement of chemistry and its applications in its area of interest: (i) Natural Resources and Biomolecules, (ii) Materials and Processes, and (iii) Energy, and
  3. Applying the findings of education and research to address community needs.

Scholars (25)
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inorganic material;
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biokimia; Biophysics and Bioinformatics;
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Porous material: clay; zeolit;
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Material Anorganik dan Energi;