S2 Biologi

Master Program of Biology

Faculty of Science and Mathematics

Vision: Become a research-based education center that excels at utilizing and developing sustainable natural resources


  1. Providing graduate education in the field of excellence in biology, morality, ethics, competence, character, and knowledge,
  2. Implementing and improving the quality of creative and innovative research on the utilization and sustainable development of natural resources, and
  3. Implementing and improving the quality and quantity of devotion to the community through public education on the utilization and development of sustainable natural resources.

Scholars (6)
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Animal Physiology; Structure and Development of Animals; Histopathology; Antioxidant and Cell Metabolism; Bioconversion;
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Environmental disturbance; Marine Ecology; biomonitoring; Aquaculture;
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Plant Biology;
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Biology; mangrove physiology; plants physiology;