S1 Gizi

Bachelor Program of Nutrition

Medical Faculty

Vision: Reputable and Excellent Nutrition Study Program in Molecular Based Nutrition at the National and International Level in 2025


  1. To conduct a standardized undergraduate program for Nutrition Science and to provide COMPLETE and competitive graduates,
  2. To conduct continuous research for the development of molecular-based nutrition and its implementation in society,
  3. To conduct nutrition-based community service as implementation and development of the study,
  4. To create a professional, accountable, and high-quality administration and academic environment, and
  5. To improve relations with institutions such as government institutions and non-government institutions at the national and international levels.

Scholars (18)
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Food and Nutrition Science; Food Biotechnology;
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Nutrition in adolescents; Sport Nutrition;
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Health & Nutrition;
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public health nutrition;