Sp-1 Mikrobiologi Klinis

Specialist Program of Clinical Microbiology

Medical Faculty

Vision: In 2024, the Specialist Medical Education Study Program I Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, will become a research-based education center that excels in infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance control.


  1. Organizing quality Clinical Microbiology medical education programs following national and international standards,
  2. Conducting quality researches in the field of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance control so that they can be published in reputable national, international, international scientific journals, and produce Intellectual Property Rights (IPR),
  3. Carrying out community service based on research results and can produce publications, and
  4. Organizing efficient, accountable, transparent, and fair study program management.

Scholars (5)
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Microbiology; Infectious Disease;
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Clinical Microbiology; Bacteriology; Antibiotic;