S2 Epidemiologi

Master Program of Epidemiology

Postgraduate School

Vision:  Become a superior master's study program in the field of Managerial Epidemiology that can play an active role in overcoming health problems through the One Health approach


  1. Develop and implement educational programs that produce graduates in the field of Epidemiology with Managerial excellence through the One Health approach,
  2. Supporting students and lecturers to carry out research, publications, and intellectual work, as well as community service in the field of epidemiology,
  3. Using the results of research and community service activities for curriculum development, policy recommendations, and innovation, and
  4. Developing cooperation and partnerships in the University Tri Dharma with various government and private institutions at national and international levels.

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epidemiology; Molecular biology; Entomology; Veteriner; Herbal Medicine;