D4 Bahasa Asing Terapan

Applied Bachelor Program of Foreign Languages

Vocational School

Vision: To be an excellent and internationally-recognized center of English and Japanese language learning at the level of Bachelor of Applied Science in Linguistics.


  1. Organizing the teaching and learning process of vocational higher education in the fields of applied English and Japanese languages to produce graduates who have standardized competencies in foreign languages, both oral and written,
  2. Developing research activities in the field of applied English and Japanese languages,
  3. Developing community service activities with the best quality according to the needs and the era of technology development in relation to English and Japanese languages, and
  4. Strengthen cooperation with the government and industrial businesses to produce graduates who are competent and ready to work.

Scholars (4)
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Applied English; TESOL; TEFL; English for Tourism;
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applied linguistics; sociolinguistics; discourse analysis; second language acquisition; language attitude;