D4 Informasi dan Humas

Applied Bachelor Program of Information and Public Relations

Vocational School

Vision: To become a qualified Bachelor of Applied Information and Public Relations in education, research, and community service in the field of information and public relations, which has a national level and reputation in 2024 and internationally in 2027.


  1. Organizing applied education in information science and public relations that refers to internal, national, and international quality assurance standards,
  2. Organizing applied education in information science and public relations based on market needs using the latest digital information and communication technology,
  3. Conducting applied research in the fields of information science and public relations and producing prototype works in the fields of archives, libraries, and public relations,
  4. Conducting community service based on archives, libraries, and public relations in government and business institutions, and
  5. To strengthen cooperation with the business industry and government to improve graduate skills and provide a ready-made workforce.

Scholars (3)
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Library Science; Information Science; Library and Information Science; Literasi Informasi; ilmu perpustakaan;
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Cultural Studies; Youth & Digital Media; Qualitative Methodology;
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Cultural Communication; Media Studies; Public Relations; pariwisata;