D4 Teknologi Rekayasa Otomasi

Applied Bachelor Program of Automation Engineering Technology

Vocational School

Vision: To become a superior study program in vocational education, research, and application of Automation Technology In 2024


  1. Carrying out superior vocational education in the field of Automation Engineering Technology to produce professional graduates who have a broad sense of power and insight in the field of Automation Engineering Technology, have an entrepreneurial spirit and ability and are independent with good character and noble personality,
  2. Develop and optimize applied research and a group of qualified expertise in accordance with the field of competence in the Automation Engineering Technology D4 Study Program,
  3. Carry out community service and collaborate with stakeholders to apply and utilize science and technology, especially Automation Engineering Technology to support improving the quality of life, and
  4. Build collaborative networks with the government, educational institutions, and users of graduates, both nationally and internationally.

Scholars (11)
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Teknik Elektro; Otomasi; Power Electronic;
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Biofisika dan Interaksi medan elektromagnetik;