S2 Kesehatan Lingkungan

Master Program of Environmental Health

Faculty of Public Health

Vision: Becoming an Excellent Study Program in Education, Research, and Service at the International Level in 2024.


  1. Organizing quality environmental health education to produce graduates who are professional, competitive, adaptive to technological developments (RI 4.0), and have character at national and international levels,
  2. Organizing innovative research in the field of Environmental Health supported by technological advances to solve environmental health problems, either by lecturers, staff and or students,
  3. Organizing publications and primarily in reputable journals and ownership of Intellectual Property Rights, either by lecturers, staff and or students,
  4. Organizing community service to solve public health problems, either by lecturers, staff and or students,
  5. Organizing the management development of human resources and institutions providing higher education for public health based on the principles of good governance and accountability, and
  6. Organizing cooperation and partnerships at the national and international levels in supporting education, research, innovation, publication, service, and problem solving in the field of public health.

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public health; Neglected Tropical disease;
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