S1 Teknik Perkapalan

Bachelor Program of Naval Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision:  Becoming a Department of Naval Architecture excels in ship and maritime technology research at the National level and can compete at the international level in 2024


  1. Organizing superior and professional academic education in the ship and maritime technology to produce competitive graduates,
  2. Conducting research and publications regularly for lecturers and students in marine and maritime technology research and encouraging ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as an effort to develop shipping and maritime technology,
  3. Implement Community Service with high-quality standards to solve community problems in coastal/coastal areas in the ship and maritime technology and to help improve community welfare, and
  4. Conduct regular evaluations to improve quality, professionalism, capability, accountability, governance, and independence in implementing the Department of Naval Architecture.

Scholars (20)
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Structure Integrity; Finite Element Analysis; Ship Vibration; Sandwich Material;
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Naval Architecture & Marine Systems Engineerin;
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CFD simulation; Ship Hydrodynamics; SPH;
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Strength of material; Piping Stress; Marine Engineering.;
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Ship Design; Computational Fluid dynamic;