S1 Teknik Industri

Bachelor Program of Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: To be an Industrial Engineering Department that is excellent in the field of industrial engineering research at the regional level and always produces graduates fitting with the ‘COMPLETES’ graduates profile in 2024


  1. Organizing the best education (excellent) in the field of industrial engineering, which would then be able to produce graduates fitting with “COMPLETES” while also having competitive advantages,
  2. Doing activities such as research, publication, and teamwork in standardization, logistics, e-business, and human factor with the industrial parties while also possessing HAKI as a development of the Industrial Engineering Department,
  3. Doing service for the community to produce the perfect solution for the problems in UKM (Student Activity Unit)and government as a way of applicating the science of Industrial Engineering,
  4. Developing cooperation and networking with stakeholders to encourage entrepreneurship potential in each graduate, and
  5. Doing constant improvements and evaluations to enhance accountability, quality commitment, professionalism, governance, and also independency in hopes of creating sustainability for the Industrial Engineering Department.

Scholars (19)
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Information Systems Planning;
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industrial engineering; Lean and sustainable Manufacturing;
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Human factors; ergonomics; Occupational Safety; Occupational Health; industrial engineering;
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ergonomics; Human Computer Interaction; Safety Engineering; Sleep; Human Performance;