S1 Teknik Lingkungan

Bachelor Program of Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: To be a department that excels in research in engineering and environmental management at the national level and is recognized on an international level in 2024


  1. Managing courses in Environmental Management and Engineering to produce competitive graduates and entrepreneurs,
  2. Conducting scientific research and publications and obtaining patents on intellectual property in Environmental Management and Engineering.
  3. Conducting community service and cooperation with stakeholders to create environmental problem solutions to implement practical knowledge management and environmental engineering, and
  4. Conducting a systematic and planned evaluation of institutional implementation to improve institutions' quality, professionalism, capability, accountability, governance, and independence.

Scholars (15)
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Life cycle assessment; environmental-spatial analysis; electrokinetic remediation; air pollution control; Waste Management;
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Environmental Engineering;
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Environmental Engeenering; Water & Wastewater Engineering;
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Environmental Engineering; membrane technology;
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Bioelectrochemical; Phytotechnology; Ecotoxicology; An-aerobic Process; Aerobic Process;