S2 Arsitektur

Master Program of Architecture

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: To become a superior study program for the master of architecture education in the next two decades (2030) and to become a center for orientation on a Regional Scale and known in the Asia Pacific for deepening the Science of Architecture with Tropical characteristics that preserve local potential Building Architecture and City Architecture in the field of Building Design and Urban Design / Environmental Design-Urban Areas.


  1. Organizing the best and superior master's education in the field of Architecture, whose graduates can think logically and comprehensively and are always readily competing in the field of Architecture with Tropical characteristics which preserve the local potential of Building Architecture and Urban Architecture and can solve the problems of Building Design and Environmental-Urban Area Design,
  2. Conducting professional research and scientific publications as a contribution to developments in the field of Architectural Science with Tropical Characteristics,
  3. Becoming a center for study and research on the science of Tropical Architecture on a National Scale, as well as being able to provide references to other institutions in Building Design and Environmental Design-Urban Areas,
  4. Carrying out quality, autonomous, accountable, and accredited community service to help solve existing problems in society as the application and development of Tropical Architecture science, and
  5. Carrying out regular evaluations to improve capability, quality, professionalism, and accountability in the independent governance of implementing study programs to meet internal and external needs.

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Architecture and Urban Design;
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architecture; Design for Elderly and Difables;
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Perancangan Kota dan Kawasan;