S2 Teknik Sipil

Master Program of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: To support the achievement of Diponegoro University’s vision, which is to become an excellent research university in 2024, especially research in civil engineering.


  1. Improving the quality and quantity of civil engineering higher education to produce master's degree graduates who have competitive/ comparative advantages internationally and to contribute to science and technology developments,
  2. Improving the quality and quantity of research, publications, and intellectual property rights ownership in the field of civil engineering as an effort of science and technology development by prioritizing local cultures and resources,
  3. Improving the quality and quantity of community services in civil engineering as an effort to implement and develop research; also to increase professionalism, capability, and accountability, in governance and independence of higher education administration, and
  4. Increasing the quality and quantity of its graduates by improving its quality, professionalism, and accountability of teaching and learning process, facilities and infrastructures, and also new courses and concentration to address user needs.

Scholars (9)
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Strategic Management; Public Building Policy in Local Authority Context; Sustainable Public Infrastructure; Safety in Constructi;
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Urban Transportastion;
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Water Resource Engineering and Management; Hydro System; Hydrology;
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Dynamic of structure;