S2 Teknik Mesin

Master Program of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: Becoming a Leading Mechanical Engineering Masters Program Nationally and Internationally in 2024.


  1. Organizing postgraduate higher education at the master's level in the field of mechanical engineering that has academic and professional excellence and is a reference for the community,
  2. Carrying out superior and up-to-date research in mechanical engineering and disseminating research results at the national and international levels,
  3. Increasing cooperation with various parties in the country and abroad to increase the capacity of institutions, as well as to make a maximum contribution to the mastery of science and technology in the field of mechanical engineering in society, and
  4. Conducting regular evaluations to improve quality, professionalism, capability, and accountability in the implementation of the mechanical engineering master’s education program.

Scholars (6)
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Mechatronics and Robotics; Vehicle Dynamics; Aerospace Engineering; Machine Vision and AI; IoT and Hybrid Energy Systems;
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Finite Element Method; Vibration;
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Computational Fluid Dynamics;