S1 Teknik Elektro

Bachelor Program of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: to become an excellent major in science and research at the international level in the year 2024


  1. Conducting an excellent electrical education which would result in graduates who have the competencies at both national and international levels, 
  2. Conducting qualified research that would be published at both national and international levels,
  3. Implementing community service by giving a consultation, providing engineering help, education, and professional training which is relevant to an electrical field, and
  4. Escalating quality, professionalism, capability, accountability, administration, and educational management.

Scholars (24)
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Kontrol dan Instrumentasi;
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Nanoelectronics; Device modeling; Semiconductor sensor;
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Artificial Intelligence Control; Power Electronic; Electric Vehicle;
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bio-inspired robotics; Biomechatronics; Computer Vision; Electric Vehicle;
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Energy Management; Sustainable Energy Technology; Smart District; Energy Planning; Electrical Machines;
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Software Engineering; sistem informasi; Artificial Intelligence; Big Data; Text Mining;