S2 Teknik Elektro

Master Program of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Vision: To become a research-based Electrical Engineering Masters Study Program that excels at the international level in the fields of electricity, control, instrumentation, electronics, information technology, and telecommunications in 2024.


  1. Organizing superior and competent electrical engineering education to produce graduates who can compete at national and international levels,
  2. Conducting quality research and being published at the national and international levels and becoming a reference in scientific development,
  3. Carrying out community service in the form of counseling, technical assistance, education, and professional training that benefits the community and generates innovation in the electrical field by involving the entire academic community, and
  4. Implementing governance in undergraduate and postgraduate Electrical Engineering education that is efficient, accountable, transparent, and regularly evaluated.

Scholars (6)
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Sistem Kontrol dan Energi Terbarukan;
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Electrical Power Engineering;
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wireless communication; VHT WLAN; MIMO; OFDM; LDPC;
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antenna; wireless propagation; radio over fiber; RF/microwave circuit;